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It was a pleasure to review Merino Sheep Breeding by Murray Elliott. Murray has drawn on a lifetime of knowledge and experience to put together one of the most readable books on Merino sheep I have seen. 

It is encyclopedic with its vast array of subjects, but never over indulgent as he explains things in such a concise and easy to follw format. 

There is something for every sheep breeder in the book's 296 pages, and the contents will not date. It is likely to be a publication which is referred to for years to come. 

I have no hesitation in recommending this book to all sheep breeders, especially those who have a passion for breeding Merinos. 

From Ian Rowett, "Mernowie", Marabel SA

Merinosa - Merino South Australia. 

Murray Elliott chronicles Merino breeding’s enlightenment

“Merino Sheep Breeding” by Murray Elliott is a story that had to be told and few if any other players could write it as well as Elliott who was involved for more than 50 years and had the knowledge and passion to influence change in an industry bogged down by tradition and protectionism.

By Patrick Francis, Moffitts Farm



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