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A man of many passions. Murray has been involved in the sheep industry for almost seventy years. He spent 33 years with the Victorian Department of Agriculture and another 30 years in private practice.

He's widely traveled and has gained knowledge from each of his ventures. His international exposure includes visits to South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, England and Spain.  He's witnessed the processing side of things in Japan and China. A visit to Hungary revealed the use of the merino as the basis of their prime lamb production.

His other passions include gold prospecting, bird watching, and organising local events and tours. 

Murray organised and ran Symposia for the Gippsland Sheep Breeders' Association from 1967 up until his move to Hamilton in 1982.

He's still passionate about the industry and its ongoing success. 

Merino Sheep Breeding

Picture of hard cover book on merino sheep breeding

At least ten years in the making, this really is a labour of love. It's a reference book, but also a manual for sheep breeders. It's based around an historical narrative of the industry since its inception.  

Murray is one of the few people engaged in hands-on sheep breeding who have the required scientific background and practical expertise to show real results in the sheep breeding industry. 

Somewhat controversial in that it challenges some precepts still held in the industry.  

The focus of the book is the four C's of Selection Criteria for productive sheep -





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This book blends the science and practical aspects of sheep breeding along with interesting anecdotes of incidents involving the breeder and their sheep. A lifetime of endeavour to achieve the best outcomes in sheep and wool production is recorded here in many chapters that explore all facets of breeding sheep in an easy to read fashion. No doubt this thorough and comprehensive treatise of sheep and wool production will be a valuable reference for present and future sheep producers. 

Philip C. Toland

President Australian Association of Stud Merino Sheep Breeders 2013 - 2015 

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