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The Western Advocate

5th September, 2018

Woolly yarns

OF real interest to a younger generation who are interested in being involved in the wool industry is a just-released book by Murray Elliot that details a range of scientific and practical information on wool production, sheep breeding and ram selection.

After studying at the University of Melbourne, Murray became a sheep and wool officer in East Gippsland.

From 1982 he moved to Hamilton and for many years he worked as a professional sheep classer for both stud and commercial clients.

Murray has long realised that the skin of the sheep was instrumental in instilling quality of wool produced and he is a strong supporter of 6 monthly shearing, and says it should have happened many years ago.

More information from I’m sure that our great book store Books Plus could source you a copy.

The Spectator

Murray’s guide to breeding sheep


WELL-KNOWN sheep breeding consultant, Hamilton man, Murray Elliot, will launch his latest book over the Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society’s 40th Sheepvention weekend.
Mr Elliot’s publication, Merino Sheep Breeding, blends the science and practical aspects of sheep breeding, along with interesting anecdotes of incidents involving the breeder and their sheep.
The 300-page book is a compilation of knowledge acquired from the master breeders and many others, and includes the findings of much research with the Gippsland Sheep Breeder’s Association (GSBA), not previously published.

BINDAWARRA MERINO STUD HYNAM POLL Principals: Steve & Lisa Harrison Address: 72 Giffard West Road, Giffard West, Vic. 3851 Phone: (03) 5146 8303 Steve Mobile: 0427 468 303 Email: Website: Facebook: Bindawarra Merino Stud Rainfall: 600mm Flock No.: 3892 Micron Av.: 18.5µ Steve & Lisa purchased the Bindawarra Merino Stud (Est. 1963) in December 2011 from Murray and Janet Toland and relocated the stud from the high country at Cobungra to the Gippsland coastal plains at Giffard West, mid-way between Sale and Yarram, running the stud on a separate property to their successful commercial flock. Bindawarra has built an enviable reputation as a leading stud for commercial woolgrowers with many clients selling their clips at consistently above average rates, enabling them to maintain profitable businesses. The distinctive wool type of the Bindawarra Merino is a long stapled, deep crimping, soft handling, bright, white wool. A number of years of successful AI programs have resulted in many fine young poll and horned rams from leading sires. Poll ewes have recently been purchased from both Middle View and Southrose stud dispersal sales. Bindawarra Merino genetics continue to perform well in the top end of the Sire Evaluations over the last 15 years, when benchmarked against other leading studs. Bindawarra 400 recently ranked 1st in the Merino Production index (MP+), 1st in the Fibre Production index (FP+) and 3rd in the Dual Purpose index (DP+) in a Merino Superior Sires evaluation. Bindawarra 400, and his progeny, are among the leading sires in our breeding program. Clients have consistently performed well in wether production trials also. Bindawarra fleeces are regularly entered into local and national competitions, with highlights being prizes at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show and the Royal Melbourne Show. Previous owner, Murray Toland, is still involved as stud advisor and his selection emphasis for rams will be continued with the traits of fertility, constitution, doing ability and easy care characteristics prominent. Renowned sheep classer Murray Elliot has been instrumental in working with Murray in developing this wool type over a long period of time. Bindawarra are committed to breeding quality sires that will allow clients to breed for future requirements. Breeding emphasis has focussed on plainer bodied sheep without compromising wool quality or quantity. Bindawarra Merinos are well placed to give the discerning buyer a solid future in a challenging wool market.

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